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VR devices allow traditional theme parks to innovate

Apr. 30, 2019

VR devices allow traditional theme parks to innovate

VR Roller Coaster Supplier shares that over the years, the theme park industry has added value to its attractions through mobile games and apps that extend the experience beyond its walls and encourage visitors to return. Now, with the development of emerging technologies such as AR and VR, shadowpower exploration is bringing the family consumption gaming experience into the immersive shared attractions of theme parks.

Gaming remains the dominant industry for VR applications, with spending set to exceed $7 billion in 2018. Most games, whether single-player or multiplayer, are built around experiences that people can enjoy at home or on the road. Although VR games are now seen as more personal, they are still incorporated into the rides and attractions of some parks.

VR Roller Coaster allows visitors to ride a roller coaster through the underwater world, with sea creatures along the way. VR doomsday survival, prison style, zombie theme, stimulate fun VR shooting experience.

VR is also becoming a marketing tool for theme parks. People will go to play VR amusement facilities when they go to parks. In this way, they will get a feeling that cannot be provided by realistic amusement facilities. Besides, safety risks are reduced first.

VR Roller Coaster

Huichen VR manufacturers can make use of AR/VR to better display their advantages and create more attractive experiences. Work with theme parks to use fitness VR devices and interactive shooting VR devices to entertain customers waiting in line, or just to provide extra fun for visitors.

AR/VR will evolve with current effects technologies and then layer individual AR/VR devices into the environment. Combined with projects related to environmental effects such as wind, rain or fire, AR/VR can bring visitors a stronger and more interesting experience and the ability to "feel" the attraction

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