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VR has become an "advanced weapon" for sports training

Jul. 24, 2019

VR has become an "advanced weapon" for sports training. 5G May open up more imagination space for VR+ sports, shared the VR cinema chair Supplier.

The 2019 fiba basketball World Cup will be held in China in late August, which will undoubtedly set off a sports boom. Meanwhile, the integration of technology and sports is also becoming a hot topic. Recently, a research team led by song zhigang from the coach college of the general administration of sport of China and the China basketball academy tried to use VR technology to help basketball players improve their training results. The results showed that after one month's training, the VR training group was 67% more efficient than traditional training. VR is expected to become an advanced weapon in sports training.

Data source: professor song zhigang, China basketball college, Beijing sports university

VR can effectively improve athletes' training experience

"We are always exploring more efficient training methods, and VR, the immersive computer technology, can create more ideal training environments. In traditional training, athletes need to spend a lot of time and energy to complete training goals, but in VR, athletes can easily complete more times of training, especially at the level of consciousness, "song said. "In fact, in 2018, Stephen Curry has used VR as a training aid."

In his research, song also found that VR can help athletes achieve higher levels of concentration. "Basketball players tend to be highly focused in a virtual environment without all the distractions of real-world training. "We've seen with EEG monitoring that athletes have greater real-time concentration while training on this purely virtual course."

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Data source: professor song zhigang, China basketball college, Beijing sports university

Since VR is a computer simulation, recreational methods can be set to help athletes get rid of boring training. Such as the "affirmative" response of the system when the shot is hit, the "ladder difficulty" mode of closing the card and so on. "This way can even reduce the distance between competitive sports and mass sports, making the popularization of sports easier to achieve. For example, the promotion of basketball among teenagers is very suitable for this way."

VR+ sports will have more imagination in 5G era

The research team is positive about the use of VR in sports training, but also raises some problems that have been found. Objective monitoring means should be enriched in VR training to help evaluate the training effect more scientifically. The content should be richer to help athletes train in more dimensions.

"As this experiment is a pilot study,VR's application potential has not been fully explored. At the same time, the effects under experimental conditions may be different in practical applications. In the future, we will do more research based on this training method." Song said.

"In fact,HTC has launched a 6-dof all-in-one Vive Focus Plus, which can further meet the training requirements of sports practitioners," Chen qi-yong, director of HTC immersive lab, said of some of the problems the team is facing with VR sports. At present, Vive has more than 30,000 content development teams around the world, who can combine the latest hardware technology to customize the content exclusively for sports training.

With the advent of 5G era, the communication network foundation with large bandwidth and low delay will enable future VR computing rendering to be carried out in the cloud, while the headdisplay is mainly responsible for imaging display, which will greatly promote the portability of VR devices, further improve human-computer interaction experience, and thus allow VR sports training to have more imagination space. 5G May be the "fuse" for the whole VR sports industry.

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