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VR fishing will bring an amazing environment to explore next month

Aug. 14, 2019

VR fishing will bring an amazing environment to explore next month shared by VR cinema chair Supplier.

When it comes to virtual fishing, it's more of a bait than a simulator enthusiast! Real VR Fishing, which will be released on Quest next month, is a great balance between the two.

VR, Aug. 14 (xinhua) -- developer MirageSoft has confirmed that its mobile VR phishing game will hit Oculus independently on Sept. 12. Real virtual reality fishing is already underway, where it's very popular. However, during exploration, the player will benefit from full 6 dof (6 dof) control. This means more authentic casting and reeling.

I tried some of the levels in port of duty and was impressed even though I wasn't a big fan of the game. Real VR Fishing has used photogrammetry to reconstruct Real scenes from all over South Korea with shocking results. Take a look at some of the gameplay I captured below.

It's also easy to master. As you might expect, the game provides some useful indicators to help you actually catch a fish when you throw it into the water and put it away. A pair of virtual reality glasses (meta, I know) can tell you where the fish are and how rare they might be. When you are trying to catch a fish, you will occasionally need to pull the rod to one side or the other, and you will also need to control the line for one meter.

VR Eye of the Storm

VR Eye of the Storm

Harder fish will be harder to catch, but the game also has three difficulty modes that will reduce the amount of help you get. I don't know how you fish at night, but anyone who wants to sneak out and sit down for a beer isn't forced to go faster or anything like that.

For each catch, you can choose to keep it for the money or release it for the experience points. The latter will gradually open up new stages, while the former will make you buy more equipment.

Real VR fishing will be launched in 15 lakes and rivers. Again, they are all from South Korea, but the opportunity to explore the sights around the country is very attractive. While you play, you can create a home environment with your own decorations.

This is a great thing for fishing enthusiasts, you can try fishing from anywhere, and the virtual reality world will make you feel like you are actually fishing at a lake, immersed in it.

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