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Vr Driving Equipment Allows People To Enter The Era Of National Traffic Safety Science

Jul. 13, 2019

Here is VR Chair Manufacturer talking about Vr Driving Equipment Allows People To Enter The Era Of National Traffic Safety Science. 

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Immersive learning environment (virtual street) - Intuitive and vivid, the experience is more understandable and more impressive for the experience of traffic safety science. VR+Popular, let people truly experience the occurrence of traffic accidents, but it is unharmed and no longer resists the acceptance of popular science knowledge.

Vr Chair Manufacturer

Drunk driving, speeding, fatigue driving, lack of safe distance, and refusal of seat belts are common causes of highway traffic accidents. In addition, parking irregularities, driving calls, and underestimating weather factors have become important causes of highway traffic accidents. Integrating VR technology into the safety science of traffic safety, Shadow Power has developed a VR science equipment for driving, driving BMW, Audi, Ferrari, etc. on the road. You don't pay attention to traffic rules, accidents will happen, and VR equipment is set up. A variety of special effects, to make the experience of substitution more powerful.

According to the evidence already found, the severity of adolescent driving distraction far exceeds the common sense of previous people. According to the collected statistics, the distraction accounts for 60% of the causes of teenage driver accidents. This figure is four times the official report of the police. The study analyzes the data obtained from the in-vehicle event recorder. The youth driver is distracted for 6 seconds, which can lead to accidents. The proportion of distractions leading to accidents is 58%. We have to admit that young and angry, crazy cars and so on, make it easier for young people to drive accidents. It is very important to regularly popularize the popularization of popular science education knowledge among adolescents. However, most of the young people who have a religious science are resistant or have too much confidence in themselves. The immersive experience of VR devices will make young people more sensational, and their participation will be higher. At the same time, they will increase the “real operation”. In the driving process, every choice made will affect the final result.

Traffic Safety Science Knowledge Points:

1. Cross the road to go zebra crossing 

2. Obey the traffic signal rules guide (the red light stops the green light, the yellow light stops, and stops) 

3. It is forbidden to climb and cross the road barrier. In the place where there is no zebra crossing, cross the road and learn to choose to walk the pedestrian bridge! 

4. According to the road sign image guide, learn to choose the corresponding road

5. Driving refused drunk driving, speeding, fatigue and other issues

On a virtual street, you can try to cross the road without indicating the light. The 720° visual experience was “slammed” by the car, and the entire screen was splashed with blood. Well, the consequences are of course the horror after personal experience, but in reality, you are unscathed, amazing.

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