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The Marketing Promotion Of VR Entertainment Theme Pavilion (3)

Apr. 23, 2019

The Marketing Promotion Of VR Entertainment Theme Pavilion (3)

3. Membership marketing-Member of the incentive

VR cinema chair Supplier shares that as the name suggests, it is a behavior to promote the consumption of users by making use of the users' psychology of saving money or earning money in the consumption process. Such as taobao most stores will be these tricks: full * free mail, full * free discount coupons, full * low price for purchase; Or by sharing the red envelope to get the right to discount, and the red envelope will be Shared to give new members a certain discount, two phase incentive, not only improve the old members use stickiness, but also pull up the new member registration rate.

4. Membership marketing-Member top-up rewards

Primary reward: top-up will send small gifts;

Senior reward: XX yuan for YY yuan. For example recharge 200 yuan, send 100 yuan, be equivalent to 300 yuan, send 100 yuan can divide 5 months every months return 20 yuan.

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