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The status of VR in the fourth industrial revolution

Sep. 05, 2019

The status of VR in the fourth industrial revolution and the four characteristics of VR, following the VR Chair Manufacturer would like to share with us.

Zhao baige, deputy chairman of the 12th foreign affairs committee: the status of VR in the fourth industrial revolution and the four characteristics of VR

At 9:00 am on October 19, 2018, the world VR industry conference 2018 opened in nanchang. Zhao baige, vice chairman of the 12th foreign affairs committee, chairman of One Belt And One Road international think tank of Chinese academy of social sciences and chairman of randy international think tank, delivered a speech.

Zhao baige is committed to the effective implementation of the One Belt And One Road initiative and has set up the One Belt And One Road platform composed of the government, think tanks and enterprises, which has played an important role in China's new globalization construction.

The content summary is as follows:

Governor wu, distinguished guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen,

I am very honored to be invited to attend the 2018 world VR industry conference. After arriving in nanchang yesterday, I met some very knowledgeable people and asked me two questions, which are worth thinking about. The first question is what is VR? Can this VR be translated into a noun that ordinary people can understand? We now call it virtual reality, which is a mouthful, and there's a lot of that, augmented reality and mixed reality. I realize that it is the responsibility of all of us here today to promote this technology. The second question is that many people are asking, why choose nanchang, why choose jiangxi. Because in everybody impression, jiangxi is an agricultural province all the time. There is nothing wrong with this, but the agricultural province is only one of the identities of jiangxi, and jiangxi has a particularly important identity, which is electronic information. Electronic information is a very important and promising industry in jiangxi province.

I want to be problem-oriented and put forward some thoughts and problems of VR about ordinary people, scientific and technological personnel and the government. The first question is what is VR's current position in the industrial revolution? Let's take a closer look at what the main resources of the four civilizations were so that we can think about why VR is important. I came into contact with VR in jiangxi taihao. I spent a whole day in taihao to see how VR was done. At that time, they focused on entertainment, animation and training. What is the status of VR in the four civilizations? The first is agricultural civilization, land is an important resource. Industrial civilization, oil and energy are important resources. Some people think that computers and data are important resources. But is big data the most important thing in the fourth industrial revolution? Not right. VR is one of the integrators of big data mining, storage, use and display. This is where VR is positioned.

The status of VR in the fourth industrial revolution

VR Egg Chair

The second question is the definition of VR. Now we are very hard to translate the Virtual Reality, the Virtual is Virtual, for people to imagine the space, and Reality is your imagination through the new technology to simulate a can be perceived space. As for the definition of VR, I have gained a lot today, namely, Mix Reality, which I believe has three important meanings. The first one is the integration of various emerging technologies, such as Internet, mobile communication, AI, cloud computing and so on. This integration is an important integration of the whole VR technology, rather than a single technology. The second is to enlarge the space of experience and perception. In the past, our perception of things may be realized through only one sense, but now VR technology can integrate the experience of eyes, ears, nose and even the whole body. The third mix is not just a mix of technology, but also a mix of manufacturing and services. When you push a technology to market, it's not just part of a chain, it's a collection of manufacturing and services.

The third question is what are the characteristics of VR as a whole? There are about four things. The first is a technology that is intelligent-led, with synthetic perception as a mixture. Its first characteristic is the multisensory synthesis. The second is presence, which means that when you use VR technology, you are not just a passive receiver, but an active one. And the third is interactivity, not just by what you grant me, but by my knowledge and perception of the problem. The fourth is unbridled ideation, which is possible with any conceivable technology.

Many of the companies we are working on today are inventors of future technologies and products. Knowing these characteristics, we will understand the differences between the present and the second and third industrial revolutions, and then we will achieve leapfrog development.

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