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[VR Chair for sale]European museums are boldly embracing VR

Jun. 14, 2019

European museums are boldly embracing VR

VR cinema chair Supplier shares that in French museum of natural history in Paris, the visitors can take a surrounded by northern ice blue plane, the destination is a sphere containing 460 species, including humans and all species common ancestor, or you can call LUCA, it is a very small single-celled organisms, is considered to be the origin of all life on earth now common.

The Cabinet of Virtual Reality is a new, permanent VR device in which visitors can wear a VR headset to explore The connections between species, view The creatures and simulate some experiences. For example, visitors can stand in front of an elephant and get a direct understanding of its huge size.

Bruno David, chairman of the museum, said that it is impossible to achieve the same experience as VR if it is still limited to the display of real objects or to interpret these traditional ways in text, so the museum turned to VR technology. The museum renovated a room to permanently install five VR devices, and plans to offer a VR version of the ocean diving experience for the 2019 exhibition.

David says virtual reality can help make specimen galleries, Louis xv's pet rhinos, a little less stuffy.

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"Our goal is to bring 21st century technologies to the museum," David said.

The French museum of natural history is just one of many cultural and artistic institutions that use this technology as a new means of attracting visitors.

While the museum is fully committed, other museums are already testing VR before allocating their budgets.

The British museum was one of the first institutions to experiment with VR. In 2015, they offered a VR experience during a weekend event to showcase Bronze Age objects in their original environment. Hannah Boulton, head of media and marketing at the British museum, said they had been testing VR for the past five years to find out where it would be most useful for the institution.

"For us, it's about visitor engagement," she added. "We don't want to do this in the name of VR. What we want to do is use VR where additional environments should be introduced."

Later, the museum also released a virtual experience of its egyptian-themed galleries, which can be explored through a browser or VR headsets.

Tate modern in London has also integrated VR into a retrospective of Modigliani's work, allowing visitors to explore the artist's Paris studio.

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