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VR industry development international innovation conference will be held soon

Jun. 17, 2019

VR industry development international innovation conference will be held soon shared by 

VR Chair Manufacturer shares that the international VR (Nanjing, China) industry innovation and development conference will be held from June 27 to 28, 2019 at alcartier international hotel, liuhe district, nanjing. General assembly by the nanjing liuhe district people's government, China's VR and visualization industry technology innovation strategic alliance, VR, nanjing liuhe high-tech zone management committee, the enlightenment of VR (liuhe) to undertake the business base, zhongguancun digital production city federation of VR technology professional committee, jiangsu enlightenment in collaboration with the city, China unicom, nanjing branch. The conference aims to accelerate the construction of innovation carriers, strengthen the gathering of innovation elements, strive to improve regional innovation capacity, promote the integration of VR technology innovation and real economy, and give full play to the important role of VR technology in promoting new drivers of industrial development.

The conference in order to "create opportunities and win in the future" as the theme, integrate domestic resources of production, study and research field of VR, around the VR field disruptive technology innovation and advanced industrial technology development and application, supply of systematic research and development of technology solutions, high growth technology incubation enterprise investment and industry personnel training and exchange, and invite relevant experts and scholars in the field of keynote speech, invited the domestic key scientific research institutions and outstanding leading enterprises and liuhe, head of government, industry users communicate industry docking activities such as industry, senior technology and application of VR industry workshop, To hold exhibitions and exchanges of VR scientific and technological achievements, technologies, products, solutions and industrial application demonstrations.

The international VR (nanjing, China) industrial innovation development conference meets the application needs of key development industries in nanjing, technology needs of enterprises and economic development needs. On the one hand, it is conducive to guiding the rapid development of the industry, effectively combining VR technology with industrial application, forming market demonstration application, improving the application ability of new technology of enterprises, and driving the transformation and upgrading of regional economy. On the other hand, it is beneficial for relevant government departments to gather industrial resources and lay a foundation for attracting investment, optimizing industrial system and improving regional economic development level.

VR Chair Manufacturer

2016 is the first year of the VR industry, and the input of the industry is greater than that of the government. After three years of development, VR industry began to integrate at the technical level and application level, forming an industrial chain and industrial ecology. 2019 will be a new starting point for the application of VR technology in the industry. At the beginning of this year, many provincial and municipal governments listed VR in the action plans of key industry cultivation and development in their government work reports.

The 13th five-year strategic emerging industry development plan of jiangsu province proposes the overall requirements of innovation-driven, high-end leading, open integration, agglomeration and green development in the fields of new generation information technology industry, high-end software and information service industry. The development of strategic emerging industries has been widely integrated, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, encouraging mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and giving rise to a large number of new technologies, new products, new forms of business and new models, which have become new drivers of economic development. Through the continuous optimization of the allocation and flow of technology, market, personnel, capital and other elements, the development of strategic emerging industries has provided new impetus.

Successfully held by congress, would also needs of regional industry development, scientific research institution transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technical maturation, personnel training, enterprise docking industry, etc., to promote the government investment, digital talent training base, exchanging and joint laboratories, collaborative innovation center, emerging research and development institutions, personnel training base and so on work floor.

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