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[VR chair for sale]The new trend of entertainment equipment in video game city

May. 17, 2019

 VR cinema chair supplier shares that video game city in the process of opening, in addition to the location, a very important link is the selection of entertainment equipment. Especially in today's video game city's fierce competition environment, video game city management and entertainment equipment selection is becoming more and more important.

With the arrival of the fourth baby boom, China's population between 0 and 14 years old has surged to 260 million, accounting for 18.6 percent of the total population. According to the national bureau of statistics, the size of China's children's consumption market has exceeded 400 billion yuan. How should video game city slice up the huge slice of the children's market?

But now video games city entertainment projects, often not suitable for children to play. Dancing machines, basketball machines, such entertainment projects, for children too large. Even for items like motobike games, it's obvious that kids are reluctant to play on them. There are only a few programs available for children, such as hammering ground squirrels, drumming and throwing. And such a project is not high enough to play, the children play a few times to get tired of playing.

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