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Welcome to the new era of VR

Jun. 27, 2019

As a VR chair supplier, today we would like to share the new era of "VR+5G" for you.

Commercial expansion of 5G

Nowadays, virtual reality has penetrated into every field of production and life. For example, VR shopping and VR house viewing allow people to experience the scene without leaving their homes, and VR glasses in the industrial field can help with the production process of visual assembly, operation training and data collection.

At present, the consumer market of virtual reality(VR) has been rapidly cultivated, with more diversified product forms in the fields of games, entertainment, films and television, and the business model is gradually maturing. At the same time, virtual reality technology has been applied in entertainment, manufacturing, education, medical care, transportation, business and other fields, and a number of new forms and models have emerged.

"5G's commercial use this year, in particular, opens a new world for the wider application of virtual reality technology." "Wu shengwu said.

For example, China central radio and television station used "5G+VR" technology to broadcast the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival gala live for the first time. With the help of 5G network, shenzhen people's hospital completed the first 5G+AR(augmented reality)/MR(mixed reality) remote hepatobiliary surgery in China. Experts from Beijing, 2000 kilometers away, conducted real-time, remote and precise guidance on the surgical process. Nanchang public security bureau, together with China mobile, huawei and other units, coordinated and launched the country's first intelligent security application of 5G+VR under real scenes.

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Enthusiasm for industrial layout is high

The global virtual reality industry is moving forward from the initial cultivation period to the rapid development period. China is facing a rare opportunity to participate in the innovation of international technology industry simultaneously.

Centering on key nodes in the industrial chain of technology, standards, products, applications and services, China's virtual reality industry needs to strengthen collaboration between industry, education, research and application, and jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

According to the guidance on accelerating the development of virtual reality industry, by 2025, the overall strength of China's virtual reality industry should be at the forefront of the world, master the key patents and standards of virtual reality, and form a number of key virtual reality enterprises with strong international competitiveness.

Wu Shengwu said that this year will strengthen cooperation with local, drive around make greater efforts to support the key breakthrough of virtual reality industry development bottleneck problem, guide and support applications in the field of virtual reality technology products in the related industry, promote the construction of virtual reality standard and evaluation system, sustained healthy and rapid development of virtual reality industry create a good policy environment.

Investment in the virtual reality industry is booming. According to wu xiaojun, vice governor of jiangxi provincial people's government, 157 VR industry projects and agreements reached at the 2018 world VR industry conference, with a total investment of 63.15 billion yuan. At present, these projects are progressing smoothly, with the registration rate and investment rate exceeding 90%, and the operating rate and production rate exceeding 80%.

It is understood that jiangxi province will strive to build a multi-billion yuan industry in the virtual reality industry within five years. At present, there are nearly 100 enterprises in the virtual reality industry in nanchang, and a number of VR+ manufacturing, education, medical treatment, cultural and tourism pilot applications have been fully launched, and the ecosystem of VR software, content, manufacturing, application and other industrial chains has been gradually improved. In addition, Shanghai, shenzhen, Qingdao and other places have also taken virtual reality as a key industry to build.

"In 2019, we will encourage local governments to set up virtual reality industrial application bases where conditions permit, guide local governments to develop differentiated virtual reality industrial layout, and promote coordinated industrial development." "Wu shengwu said.

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