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The Marketing Promotion Of VR Entertainment Theme Pavilion (1)

Apr. 03, 2019

The just concluded world VR industry conference 2018 has concluded smoothly. Chinese President XI JINPING has sent a congratulatory letter to the VR world conference, saying he hopes the VR industry will develop well and create a more intelligent and better future for people. Speaking at the conference, jack ma, chairman and founder of alibaba group, also praised VR as a great technology. He believed that VR would definitely change people's lives. Ma believes that in the future, data is the means of production, computing is the productivity, and the Internet is the relationship of production. As a new high-tech, VR is the development trend of the new era of scientific and technological progress. Meanwhile, it has also received strong support from the national government and special favor from leaders of the investment community.

In the face of such hot venture projects, the global VR industry has mushroomed like mushrooms. The r & d and production of VR products such as VR Chair and the wide application of VR technology suddenly give people a new perspective on the world. Just because VR brings amazing, novel and interesting experiences to people, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to invest money in VR projects, compared with traditional industries such as high investment cost, long return cycle, big market competition and low profit space.

With the popularity of VR market, rui zhizhi, who is one of the first to step into the door of VR entrepreneurship, has been the first to return to profit and gradually upgraded to a stage of continuous and stable profit. More and more VR entertainment theme pavilions have sprung up in various small and medium-sized cities around the world. So, how can entrepreneurs who devote themselves to VR entertainment theme pavilions more quickly achieve profitability and smooth operation of the pavilions? The following are the top 10 operation tips that shadowpower has summarized for you based on the long-term operation experience and long-term market research of over 3,000 VR entertainment experience stores around the world, which are Shared with all VR entrepreneurs.

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First ,Learn To Do Experience Marketing

When it comes to experience marketing, it's no stranger. For example, the marketing model of ikea is the most typical case of experience marketing. Ikea stores provides customers with collection of display, experience, sales for the integration of the platform, make full use of the spot lights, pictures, material and designer of furniture design collocation, provide consumers with the whole of of primitive simplicity and fashionable household display solutions, decorate the real household environment, create a vision, hearing, smell, touch the integral atmosphere of combining with pure European and American furniture and adorn article decorates a style each different, elegant chic quanzhen showroom, will the original European and American lifestyle to show to the customer, make people feel the artistic way of life fully, through creating a "home" experience and feeling to win consumer's identity.

But when it comes to experience, VR entertainment experience pavilion brings audio-visual + body feeling effect, which is incomparable to any other traditional industry scenes. How to apply VR experience to the overall marketing of the experience pavilion? Xiao ying believes that a VR device in the venue should be directly opened. Of course, this device must cover a small area, be easy to use, and be able to quickly immerse and "addict" the experiencers. The time for trial play should be controlled within 3 minutes to stimulate the appetite of the experiencers and then guide them to pay for consumption. Other equipment in the venue is not free to experience, but in the early stage of operation, the equipment can be kept running during the peak traffic period, and the venue staff and other insiders can be arranged to experience the operation, so as to increase people's attention.

Second, Membership System Operation

Why do we do affiliate marketing? VR Chair Manufacturer thinks that increase the cohesion of your community or platform, access to more real user data. Through member points, hierarchy and other management methods, to increase user stickiness and activity, user life cycle continues to extend.

1. Membership classification

According to the different amount of the first top-up, the membership classification management. According to the amount of top-up, it can be divided into the supreme member, diamond member, platinum member and VIP member, etc. The classification method is relatively simple and easy to implement. If you do some articles on the membership card, such as making a black card, you will have a face if you take it out, which will cater to people's vanity.

2. Member growth

According to the continuous accumulation of recharge amount, or the accumulation of member points, to reach a certain limit, upgrade the user's membership level. For example, now Tmall, taobao, if you buy more times, rarely return or rejected, your purchase behavior rating will be higher; If you actively evaluate and post, you'll grow a little more. If your purchase rating and growth are high, your membership will move up a bit.

3. Member motivation

As the name suggests, it is a behavior to promote the consumption of users by making use of the users' psychology of saving money or earning money in the consumption process. Such as taobao most stores will be these tricks: full * free mail, full * free discount coupons, full * low price for purchase; Or by sharing the red envelope to get the right to discount, and the red envelope will be Shared to give new members a certain discount, two phase incentive, not only improve the old members use stickiness, but also pull up the new member registration rate.

4. Member top-up rewards

Primary reward: top-up will send small gifts;

Senior reward: XX yuan for YY yuan. For example recharge 200 yuan, send 100 yuan, be equivalent to 300 yuan, send 100 yuan can divide 5 months every months return 20 yuan.

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