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VR entertainment device -- perfectly combines entertainment and sports to lose weight

May. 31, 2019

VR entertainment device -- perfectly combines entertainment and sports to lose weight

Virtual Reality Game Machine Supplier shares that VR magic bicycle combines entertainment and exercise to lose weight perfectly. Traditional treadmill video evolves into more realistic VR entertainment equipment! Players can experience a variety of VR world racing games, not only limited to cycling and other sports, players will forget the fatigue of exercise in the tense game.

VR systems are not technically difficult, and there are many successful examples of foreign players using homemade VR devices to lose weight. After all, people prefer to lose weight unconsciously rather than instinctively.

VR entertainment device

VR magic bike panoramic immersive experience, according to the plot of the film dynamic simulation on the slope, strong sense of reality, in the game process can collect gold COINS, multi-mode selection, challenge the champion, enhance player loyalty.

The combination of traditional fitness and VR equipment breaks the traditional fitness, and the new pattern is more attractive. It breaks the space limit and freely travels across the world, immersing the panorama in reality and galloping freely in the virtual world. Stereo surround sound, attract more people to watch, external hd display, synchronized game screen, color gather popularity.

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