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VR Racing Experience Site Is Full Of Fire

Apr. 09, 2019

Racing experiences often go hand in hand with virtual reality (VR), as it provides users with a high level of adrenaline, and shadowpower VR racing aims to create a VR experience where players compete with professionals to participate in RACES in real time.

Through unique live experiences, One of the Virtual Reality Simulator-VR racing will enable millions of Chinese racing fans to participate in the live performance of the most innovative racing series and experience complete immersion and unparalleled experience. Give full play to the potential of racing enthusiasts as well as core and casual gamers.

The scale of Chinese market is generally considered to be the largest game market in the world. Aiming at this group of people, shadowpower developed VR racing car and held VR racing competition in the same city, which was even more explosive, bringing high popularity and attracting crowds to the scene.

                                                         Virtual Reality Simulator

The shadowpower VR racing game features more scene maps and off-road vehicle options, making the game more fun with greater difficulty and providing a unique, high-speed, exciting racing genre. The game, the annual blood race race is about to start, love racing how can you be absent? You need to control the car, avoid the traffic and overtake your opponent to win the race.

Shadow power VR racing car supplied by VR Racing Simulator Manufacturer,it suspension design rich and colorful exquisite experience, the real reproduction of racing excitement, swept the world racing fans; 40 inch hd display, three 2 k hd screen lifelike images, 130 ° visual coverage, restore the real scene. Using the simulation driving system, the professional VR racing equipment is provided to realize the split axis control and accurately restore the moment of the vehicle impact, fall and acceleration. A variety of terrain scenes and all kinds of world-class luxury sports cars are available for different players to upgrade. Simulation car seats, comfortable seats and ergonomic design are adopted to make the details truly seamless and perfectly enhance the sense of experience.

Patent servo motor cylinder, servo system is now the most top motor operating system, the performance of the best speed up to 3000rmp, can withstand a short time of 300% overload. High accuracy, realistic effect, tail swing, undulating, elegant, inclined, backward, forward, trembling, shaking, bring you a new VR racing experience.

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