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VR driving equipment - the national traffic safety science Gospel

Jun. 04, 2019

VR driving equipment - the national traffic safety science Gospel

VR+ science popularization, VR driving equipment enables people to enter the era of national traffic safety science popularization. Shared by Virtual Reality Game Machine Supplier.

Immersive learning environment (virtual street) -- intuitive and vivid, make the experiencers understand the knowledge of traffic safety science more easily and deeply. VR+ popular science enables people to truly experience the occurrence of traffic accidents without any injury, so they no longer resist and accept popular science knowledge.

Drunk driving, overspeed driving, fatigue driving, failing to maintain a safe distance and refusing seat belts are common causes of highway traffic accidents. In addition, illegal parking, talking on the phone while driving and underestimating weather factors are important causes of highway traffic accidents. By integrating VR technology into traffic safety science popularization, ying dynamic has developed VR science popularization equipment that simulates driving. When you drive BMW, audi and ferrari on the road, accidents will happen if you don't pay attention to the traffic rules. Various special effects are set on the VR equipment to make the experience more immersive.

Virtual Reality Game Machine Supplier

Teenagers are far more distracted by driving than previously thought, according to evidence that has been found. According to statistics collected, distraction accounts for 60 percent of all teen driver crashes. That's four times more than the official police report. The study, based on data from the car's event recorder, found that distracted teenage drivers accounted for 58 percent of all crashes after just six seconds. We have to admit that young drivers are more likely to be distracted and have accidents, for reasons such as excessive driving. It is very important to carry on the popularization of popular science education knowledge to the teenagers regularly, but the popular science of teaching style, the teenagers mostly have resistance or too full confidence to themselves, there is a fluke psychology. The immersive experience of VR device makes teenagers feel more involved and more involved. Meanwhile, it also increases the "practical operation". In the driving process, every choice will affect the final result.

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