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After the VR market returns to rationality, how should VR devices develop?

Apr. 13, 2019

After the VR market returns to rationality, how should VR devices develop?

Virtual Reality Chair Manufacturer tells you that after the "overheated period" from 2015 to 2016 and the "cold winter period" in 2017, the superior VR equipment manufacturers survive to the end. The development of VR/AR has entered the stage of defoaming, and the industry's thinking on technology evolution has become more rational and diversified. After experiencing peaks and valleys, the attention of consumer VR manufacturers has shifted from racing horses to encircling land to improving user experience and increasing the market volume of VR devices.

Eye-tracking technology can realize the "panoramic roaming" of users in the virtual world, and improve the sense of visual effect, which is considered as the next breakthrough in virtual reality. Apple, Facebook, Google, samsung and Intel have invested in eye-tracking technology manufacturers to seek solutions to improve the quality of VR device interaction and reduce CPU load.

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At present, VR content is dominated by short films, and resources are relatively scarce. The industry does not have a good command of technology, which makes the shortage of VR content worse. However, it shows its potential in interactivity and interest. Users can interact by turning their heads in different directions, thus enhancing the sense of immersion and interactivity. The more attention paid to VR content research and development technology, the more and better VR short film content will emerge, and the return on investment will be reflected, forming a healthy industry closed loop. When the VR industry changes from quantitative to qualitative, it will be the moment when the VR industry rises.

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