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Yin Meigen: make every effort to make 2019 world VR industry conference a success

Jul. 03, 2019

Yin Meigen: make every effort to make 2019 world VR industry conference a success

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Nanchang news network on July 1, provincial party committee standing committee, party secretary Yin Meigen presided over the city's virtual reality industry to promote the leading group meeting. Endeavour to keep in mind, he insisted, entrust, Thanksgiving, and will do a good job in 2019 world conference on VR industry as the general secretary of the implementation of the jinping visit jiangxi the concrete practice of the important speech spirit, from the height of the political, and completes the assembly planning the work, continue to do the appeal, influence and impact of the event, in order to promote the city's high quality virtual reality industry leapfrog development, bigger and stronger to do big nanchang city circle to make greater contributions.

Mayor liu jianyang, city leaders xiao yuwen, guo yi, long guoying, fan sanbao and Yang wenbin attended.

The conference conveyed the spirit of the press conference of 2019 world VR industry conference, the joint meeting of the ministry and the province, and the mobilization meeting of the whole province. We listened to the preparations for the 2019 world VR industry conference and the report on the development of zhuhai's virtual reality industry. The paper deliberated the "nanchang virtual reality industry development plan (2019-2023)", "nanchang 2019 virtual reality industry work points", "nanchang 2019 world VR industry conference" and other documents.

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Yin Meigen stressed that all efforts should be made to handle the conference, effectively optimize the work plan, increase the strength of guest invitation and investment promotion, do a good job in service guarantee, and create a good conference atmosphere. We will do our best to ensure the implementation of the plan, optimize the formulation of the plan, strengthen the guidance of the plan, and ensure its implementation. To go all out to pay special attention to the investment promotion and capital introduction, focusing on core business, the key state of virtual reality, form a complete set of forms, to detonate project for traction, at a high level platform as the carrier, by means of innovative policy, accelerate a group of innovative and lead the project to the ground, constantly promote the virtual reality in zhuhai industrial cluster agglomeration. On the basis of improving the existing "four centers" and "four platforms", we will accelerate the construction of "one town, one center, one exhibition hall, N application" and other key projects. We will do our best to promote its application, fully implement the "VR+" strategy, and actively promote the integration of virtual reality technology with industrial development, urban construction and management, and public services, so as to create virtual reality demonstration zones. We need to do our best to promote innovation and research, make it more important to master core technologies, strengthen research in cutting-edge technologies, accelerate the transformation of innovation results, and further link up the capital, innovation, and industrial chains. We will do our best to improve the environment, raise our awareness of environmental protection and services, and strengthen measures to help, ensure production factors, and provide publicity and guidance. We need to do our best to carry out organizational coordination, refine the division of responsibilities, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, deepen contact and coordination, establish consultation mechanisms, strengthen supervision and assessment, and make solid progress in industrial development and the preparations for the congress

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