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MMA star boxers use VR for real combat training

Jul. 18, 2019

MMA star boxers use VR for real combat training, shared by the VR Egg Chair supplier.

Getting punched and kicked in the face doesn't sound like much fun, but one MMA star is using VR to make his fights easier to control. UFC fighter misha chercunov is using the technology to simulate what he can't do in the gym.

During UFC training in vancouver, chercunov told the media that VR allows him to simulate elements that only exist in real life. These include lights and crowds, and being able to see them in virtual reality allows him to feel the pressure he will face in a real battle.

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Chercunov added that he was already the highest ranked player in the world in creed: rise to glory. Even 30 minutes after the game, he was sweating profusely. However, he added in his comments that he also USES his wrist for maximum effect. Still, just a few minutes of Creed: Rise to Glory can make your heart beat faster. If you lose, it's even worse when you try to climb back in.

Other non-combat boxing games can also be practiced or played in virtual reality. Our favorite BoxVR is specifically designed for fitness. The game tracks your calorie burn and offers an exercise program for players at all skill levels. This makes it easy to fit into your daily schedule.

However, chercunov is not the first athlete to use VR in training. VR previously mentioned that the Los Angeles dodgers are currently using a system built by WIN Reality to expose players to MLB pitchers. The system is more effective than simply watching a video, because they can time hits and more accurately simulate the pitcher's performance in a game. Virtual reality soon found its way into the training routines of traditional athletes.

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