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Something About VR Virtual Reality Experience Hall

Mar. 19, 2019

In recent years, more and more people have opened VR experience halls, but their income levels are different. Vr is still strange to many people. Vr is virtual reality, a combination of various technologies. Many people only know vr movies and vr games, in fact, vr technology is applied to many fields, such as the phantom stars, including entertainment, military aerospace, popular science education, etc., many businesses are the target to invest, for example, there are a lot of experience of for-profit suvch as Mini 9D VR Theater , traffic is very significant, because everyone is interested in something new.

Virtual reality vision technology blurs the boundary between fantasy and reality, but how can we go to the world of virtual reality? The phantom starry sky VR theme park USES an up and down space capsule, which enables us to drive and fly in the real and virtual world and experience the synchronized movement. The virtual reality pavilion of 9DVR displays virtual reality in the form of dynamic models. People can experience this dynamic VR in the commercial square. The capsule's seamless movement with the film has stirred consumer expectations.


Starry sky VR theme park such as VR Theme Park Virtual Reality Simulator focuses on ensuring that people enjoy a perfect first VR experience, and making more people accept VR experience in rapid movement is its goal. The forward and backward motion of the capsule is consistent with the content of the film. It can also reduce motion sickness. We will find that in addition to the visual sense, there is also an interaction with the film in the sense of balance. The 9DVR will be a truly exciting experience. We can't say how much fun it will be, but it will be really cool.

In the phantom star 9DVR virtual reality experience hall, people will face incredible things. Everything in reality disappeared in the white light, we went beyond time and space, to the near future, in the vast space of the universe, in the space of the green earth. Nothing is impossible, only unexpected. The fantastical starry sky VR theme park takes virtual reality to the extreme and simulates a real future world on a computer. The 9DVR virtual reality experience pavilion shows us an interesting possibility to bring art into the virtual world so that we can appreciate it through a new digital medium.

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