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The Marketing Promotion Of VR Entertainment Theme Pavilion (2)

Apr. 18, 2019

The Marketing Promotion Of VR Entertainment Theme Pavilion (2)

Third ,"take the guest with the guest"

Mini 9D VR Theater Supplier shares that new users are introduced by the original customer groups, and corresponding benefits are given to them. New and old users get the experience services they want, and merchants get a batch of new users. Relationship circles and word of mouth have replaced the traditional bragging rights of advertising with greater credibility.

1. Double reward.

This situation is very easy to understand, every old customers bring a deal, old customers enjoy the reward will be doubled, rather than a simple single single accumulation, this is a more attractive way;

2. Stepwise rewards for old customers.

This way some similar to the direct sales system, for example, the customer has successfully introduced customer b clinch a deal, the two sides enjoy the "guest" as rewards, and customers b introduces customer clinch a deal, is not two b, c to enjoy "guest" rewards, including initial customers also enjoy a certain amount of reward, and so on.

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