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Mini 5D cinema is good for children's growth

Sep. 12, 2019

Mini 5D cinema is good for children's growth, shared the VR cinema chair Supplier.

At the present stage, most of the design and construction of children's entertainment facilities in amusement parks in China remain at the level of old material design and construction, without paying attention to the needs of children's growth, and without paying attention to broaden their horizon, increase their knowledge and wisdom. A lot of amusement parks are simple and casual carve out a small piece of land, put a few simple recreational facilities for children's entertainment and activities, such as swings, slides, etc., this obviously cannot satisfy the nature of children's rich imagination, for the growth of children is very adverse.

The development of small VR kids game equipment should take into account the generation of children's happy feelings, help for children's long-term growth, and the multiplicity of repeated play.

The production of children's happy feeling

The famous Japanese amusement architect, Mr. Satoshi seneda, always thinks that when designing children's entertainment facilities, "the happy feeling children get when playing games is the source of human happiness", which is also what he always considers in all the creation of design. Mr. Xian tian man advocates the concept of "tour construction" to realize the happiness of space and space conversion, and the change between high and low degree and light and shade makes people have the illusion of dizziness and trance.

Mini 5D cinema is good for children's growth

Amusement Park Play Video Games Equipment

The mini 5D cinema by VR kids game equipment supplier is a "tour construction concept". The film is usually a fixed passage, in which the audience goes up and down, high and low, through a roller coaster, a road and a racing track. The mini 5D cinema seat simulates the movement of the front and back. Along the way, the audience will also go through wind and waves, explosions, poisonous snakes and other breathtaking scenes, special effects equipment will simulate the wind and rain, so that the audience as if in the dreamland. The joy of space that Mr Seneda talks about can be satisfied in a mini-5d. The 5D film is often a virtual space, such as: volcanoes, undersea, ancient tombs, tropical rain forests, space, interstellar space, these fairy tales and fantasy space. This satisfied the children, like fantasy and adventure psychology.

Children naturally do not like the state of balance, children before birth is floating in amniotic fluid, children after birth also like to run and jump. In fact, the body's sense of balance organs, from the ear after a sphere. There is half of the fluid in the sphere, and when the body is out of balance, the fluid in the sphere tilts. Nerve cells on the walls of the sphere send information to the brain, which produces pleasure whenever it is not about personal safety. Mini 5D cinema dynamic seat ups and downs, forward and backward, left and right sway, stimulate the children's balance nerve, let the children have a happy feeling. The same is true for hairdryers and sprinklers in mini 5D cinemas, where children are stimulated by wind and spray. It is the same with a mother patting a child and quickly soothing a crying child.

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