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The help of VR amusement equipment for children's growth

Sep. 18, 2019

The help of VR amusement equipment for children's growth shared by VR kids game equipment supplier.

At the present stage, most of the design and construction of children's entertainment facilities in amusement parks in China remain at the level of old material design and construction, without paying attention to the needs of children's growth, and without paying attention to broaden their horizon, increase their knowledge and wisdom. A lot of amusement parks are simple and casual carve out a small piece of land, put a few simple recreational facilities for children's entertainment and activities, such as swings, slides, etc., this obviously cannot satisfy the nature of children's rich imagination, for the growth of children is very adverse.

The development of small VR amusement equipment should take into account the generation of children's happy feelings, help for children's long-term growth, and the multiplicity of repeated play.

For the long-term growth of children

VR kids game equipment supplier

Kids Children Game Machine

Children are often afraid of difficulties in life, and in a mini 5D, the film is often a roller coaster, with children facing a series of thrilling things. Mini 5D cinema is different from the traditional network gunfight game, in CS\CF gunfight game, the player controls to walk and shoot, in front of the enemy, the player will be afraid, hit will die. In the mini 5D, children's will press on, leaving all the thrills and monsters behind. It also trains the spirit of children to be fearless of difficulties and march forward courageously. It also satisfies the sense of achievement and encourages the development of exploration ability.

Mini 5D cinema is such a dream, 5D film is mostly the universe, interstellar, dinosaurs, birds, volcanoes, undersea world, tropical rain forest, micro world. These things break the existing things, it is easy to leave a deep impression in the minds of children. These contents are presented in colorful, international-level images, accompanied by special effects of wind and rain and dynamic falling and tumbling. Children, like Alice, will be amazed that they are in an extraordinary world, not only to feel, but to touch the knowledge and the world with their feelings. These things firmly engraved in the mind of children, children will be interested in these things, cultivate the right interest, cultivate colorful dreams, cultivate a perfect personality.

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