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Batsman training with VR technology

Aug. 26, 2019

Batsmen train using VR technology shared by 9D VR Cinema Chair supplier.

As mentioned in previous articles on VR, athletes can use virtual reality technology to better train and achieve better training results. Nowadays, there are still many applications of VR technology in the field of sports. For example, football in the United States combines VR technology for training, and it is promoted in universities. The Dutch national team has also adopted the VR technology of Beyond Sport for practice, video analysis and tactical replay in teaching and training to help the football team improve the training level. Through the immersion created by VR equipment, traditional sports training will also usher in a new revolution. And we're talking about major league baseball. In the old days, MLB players used to watch hours of videotape to get an edge over opposing pitchers. However, this is not the same as the actual wobble. Now, with the help of virtual reality, the league's players can play opponents before the game begins.

One Los Angeles dodgers player told the Los Angeles times that using the headband helped him improve his game. The technique gives him an early look at starter Noah Syndergaard and how his fastball moves. He can practice his swing and give him more experience before facing Syndergaard in the match.

VR Technology

VR Technology

The system was built by former minor leaguer Chris O 'dowd and his father Dan O 'dowd. Senior O 'dowd is currently an analyst for MLB Network and a former general manager for the Colorado Rockies. The system has the support of coach Charlie Emanuel and former all-star infielder Harvey olds.

For hitters, the technology has a potential advantage over pitchers, who usually control the flow of the game. Dodgers coach Ross strindler said the system "feels like an advantage" to those who step into the paint.

Not every player is convinced that VR can help, for example, so far players like Russell Martin and Justin Turner have not found success. However, as VR visuals improve, the real look of baseball can lead to greater success. Seeing its rotation ahead of time is crucial to predicting where it will eventually move across the plate.

Compared with traditional pitching machines, the VR system can provide more pitch types and position changes. Knowing the characteristics of individual pitchers in advance can give hitters a huge advantage in the future. If batting averages and batting averages start to rise, pitchers need to improve their game even more.

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