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The latest AR/VR patent report issued by the us Patent Office on August 07, 2019

Aug. 07, 2019

The latest AR/VR patent report issued by the us Patent Office on August 07, 2019, shared the VR cinema chair Supplier.

Recently, the United States patent and trademark office has released a batch of new AR/VR patents. The following is the compilation of VR website (for details, please click on the patent title). There are 24 patents in total.

1. Magic Leap | Reflective Gratings With Variable Reflectivity And Display Systems Having The Same(Magic Leap Patent: Reflective diffraction grating With Variable Reflectivity And Display system With said grating)

The patent describes compositions and methods comprising reflective fluid materials, such as reflective inks and/or reflective liquids of liquid metals. In some embodiments, a reflective layer is formed on the surface by exposing the surface to a reflective, mobile material. In some embodiments, the surface is the surface of a waveguide, such as a waveguide for a display device, and the flowing material forms a reflective diffraction optical element on the surface. Some embodiments include a display device comprising a reflective layer reflecting a movable material.

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2. Magic Leap Patent | Color Separation In Planar Waveguides Using Dichroic Filters

The eyepiece in the patent includes a first planar waveguide located in the first transverse plane, a second planar waveguide in the second transverse plane adjacent to the first transverse plane, and a third planar waveguide in the third transverse plane adjacent to the second transverse plane. The first waveguide comprises a first diffraction optical element (DOE) coupled to it and disposed in a transverse position. The second waveguide consists of a second DOE coupled to it and set in a transverse position. The third waveguide consists of a third DOE coupled to it and set in a transverse position. The eyepiece includes a first filter between the first and second waveguides, and a second filter between the second and third waveguides.

3. The Magic Leap Patent | the Methods And Systems For Diagnosing And Treating who Order Refractive Aberrations Of the An Eye (Magic Leap patents: used For diagnosis And treatment Of high Order to the distortion Of the Refractive method And system)"

The patent describes configurations for health systems and various healthcare applications, such as patient diagnosis, monitoring and/or treatment. The health system may include a light generation module for transmitting light or image to a user; One or more sensors that measure physiological parameters of the user's body, including their eyes; And processing circuits for analyzing inputs and determining one or more health conditions or defects.

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